Lotus/Lily & Aponogeton

     Aponogeton aquarium plants come in a range of shapes & size & are some of the eastiest plants to grow. The Aponogeton plant is native to many areas including Madagascar, China & Sri Lanka. Because Aponogeton thrive in both low & moderate lighting environments, they are ideal for any setups. You can enhance any type of aquarium by taking advantage of our large selection of Aponogeton aquarium plants. We would consider this plant an Easy to Grow Aquarium Plant without any headeache or difficulty. Virtually any type of lighting will allow this plant to grow successfully. Water temperatures do not really matter, but keep your Aponogetons 75 – 85 degrees is fine. pH Neutral 7.0 is ideal, but Aponogetons will also thrive in lower acid conditions for South American waters, as well as Higher pH conditions of African waters.