3"+ Albino Bichir

3"+ Albino Bichir

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Water Conditions-77-83° F pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size1' 2"
Origin West Africa Family-Polypteridae
Minimum Tank Size-50 g Substrate: Sandy Nocturnal Temperament-Semi Aggressive

The Senegal Bichir is also commonly called the Cuvier Bichir, and the albino variant is also simply referred to as an Albino Bichir. 

They will appreciate hiding caves and driftwood. The tank must have a tight fitting lid, as they may jump out. Having a divided, double chamber swim bladder and primitive lung, they can survive outside of water for a while if they are kept moist. Feed a variety of meaty foods including: different types of worms, shrimp, krill, and most will also readily accept frozen preparations, pellets and wafers. They can be fed feeder fish.