Assorted Koi

Assorted Koi

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  • Temperature:  76° - 86° F (24° - 30° C)
  • pH:  6.0 - 7.4
  • KH:  0 – 15 KH
  • Minimum tank size:  40 gallons for a pair, but a larger tank is required for a group. The tall body shape of this fish must be considered regarding the height of its tank.
  • Diet:  Omnivorous. A variety of high-quality dry, frozen, and live foods is necessary for optimal health and coloration.
  • Social behavior:  Shoaling. Generally peaceful, but can be territorial during spawning.
  • Origin:  Tank-raised, but indigenous to Northern South America
  • Average adult size:  6" long & 8" height
  • Average purchase size:  APPROX NICKEL SIZE

The Koi Angel is a strain of angelfish that has been bred for its mottled black and white coloration. Some may have gold markings on the head. These are beautiful angelfish, and like Koi, the coloration of each fish will be different. They prefer a well-planted aquarium of at least 20 gallons. Rocks, driftwood, and plants can be added to the aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming. *Note* some angels have been known to be fin nippers even though most of the time they are peaceful fish.