6"+ Delhezi (Armored/Banded) Bichir

6"+ Delhezi (Armored/Banded) Bichir

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Water Conditions77-83° F, KH 1-12, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size-1' 2"
Origin West Africa
Minimum Tank-50 gallons

 The Delhezi Bichir is also known as the Armored or Banded Bichir and originates from the Congo basin, Africa. As with other members of the primitive Polypteridae family, the Delhezi Bichir has the unique ability to survive out of water. With a lung-like paired swim bladder and gills to help breathing, the Delhezi Bichir can spend short periods of time on land, but must soon return to its water environment for adequate respiration. T

The Delhezi Bichir does best in a large "oddball" aquarium with other large, passive fish. When provided with plenty of open swimming areas, rocks and crevices, the Delhezi Bichir is not usually aggressive toward tank mates. This species is semi-aggressive in the fact that they will swallow any fish or invertebrate that they can fit into their mouth, but they are very passive towards other large fish. Prone to jumping, a tight, well-sealed aquarium lid is required.