Hi-protein Soft Sinking Pellets
Hi-protein Soft Sinking Pellets

Hi-protein Soft Sinking Pellets

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                                                     High protein 3.5mm sinking pellets!

Perfect for cichlids who need high protein as well as Axolotls & newts.

     For all aquatic pets who need high protein!  Great for Bottom & Top feeders! They sink instantly so whatever the fish miss,the bottom feeders have a chance to enjoy! These pellets are moist so their easy to crumble up into a powder for fry!These pellets have been formulated to meet the needs of first feeding fry to  adults under a variety of rearing conditions. All diets are fortified with special antioxidants to insure freshness, but feeds should be stored in suitable conditions and fed within 90 days for best result.

Crude Protein 45.0%
Crude Fat 18.0%
Crude Fiber 3.0%
Moisture 12.0%


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