Omega One Koi Pond Sticks 8oz Floating

Omega One Koi Pond Sticks 8oz Floating

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Wild Alaskan salmon, among other nutritious seafood, makes up a large part of Omega One Koi Sticks Fish Food. Salmon skin contains an extremely high level of natural pigments, which will drastically increase color in koi and other ornamental fish. With fresh kelp and spirulina, Omega One Koi Sticks provide an incredibly nutritious, complete diet.

Key Benefits

Fresh seafood ingredients such as herring and salmon provide goldfish and koi with quality proteins that just don’t exist in fishmeal-based pond foods

Fresh natural fats for incredible appetite stimulation and energy

Rich in omega 3 & 6 HUFA's for healthy immune systems and long life

High levels of natural beta-carotene color enhancers in salmon skins

Revolutionary protein binding system

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