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Pitcher Plants Assorted POTTED
Pitcher Plants Assorted POTTED

Pitcher Plants Assorted POTTED

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Water – When growing pitcher plant indoors, water as needed to keep the potting soil moist, but not soggy. Allow the pot to drain thoroughly after watering and never let the pot stand in water, as wet soil can cause the plant to rot.

Temperature – Indoor pitcher plant care generally requires warm temperatures between 65 and 80 F. 

Potting soil – Pitcher plants tolerate a wide range of potting mixtures as long as the mixture is relatively low in nutrients and provides excellent drainage.

Feeding – Pitcher plants generally require no supplemental fertilizer, although you can mist the plants with a very dilute fertilizer solution during spring and summer (mix no more than ¼ to ½ teaspoon per gallon (2 ml.-4 L.)), using a water-soluble fertilizer formulated for bromeliads or orchids).