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Süsswassertang  Mat 2"X3"

Süsswassertang Mat 2"X3"

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Common: Süsswassertang
Scientific: Lomariopsis cf. lineata
AKA: Süßwassertang, Susswassertang, Round Pellia (incorrect)

Difficulty: Very easy 
Light requirements: Low light. In high light it will grow more quickly, and look different, as do all of the mosses.
Type: Fern. 
Temperature: 68F– 78F
pH: 5.0 – 8.0
Counrty of Origin: Unknown
CO2: Not required.
Substrate: The substrate is irrelevant, as it is a water column feeder. It is not a heavy feeder, and can subsist if not fed additional ferts in a balanced tank with fish.